—We Now Return

                                                   WE NOW RETURN

The evolution is not simply a story of popularity.
Somewhere in Europe another lock was being projected. 
Drawing on the knowledge of some genius we were able to turn into better butter. 
The butlers were pleased. 
The pecking action of the rooster shocked the young politicians who were reminded of their guns, lost somewhere in the Andes.
A Maya temple would soon land at JFK on time, the mayor and his stunned apostles were pleased. 
Too pleased to please their wives who were subsequently forced to sprinkle aphrodisiacs over their evening meals. 
The temple, however, was too large to taxi the runway so it was left in the sky, hovering above New York.
What made it so special was that it was standardized to the other revolutions of the time, being à la mode. 
And so fifty yards later the rusting was prevented and the storm averted. 
You couldn’t call it classical or jazz or rock because it wasn’t either music or stoned. 
It was in the hands of the poor.
Proud men generated new electricity as they first dusted then shined their karmas and their carpets. 
They were invaluable to the first settlements. 
They elected some bloke as their chief and yielded to nothing or no one for years to come. 
Gravity was conquered and we were everywhere. 
Those were the days! 
Why was never asked when when was now!

-Yari Carrisi, NYC 1997




Holding back time

C’mon baby I don’t mind

Keep it back a day

Laugh about it in replay

Holding us there

Firmly rooted in the air

Funny how the cookie put it

Cause I never thought of me there

Wasting my time

Putting your head in my mind

Waiting for Pharaohs to

Guide you to guide me to you

Joue sur mes mots

Terre caché aux yeux sauvages

Songe la douceur

Des pays ensorceles